Tom Sloper's The Red Dragon & The West Wind: The Winning Guide to PDF

By Tom Sloper

ISBN-10: 0061233943

ISBN-13: 9780061233944

ISBN-10: 0061906182

ISBN-13: 9780061906183

The purple Dragon & The West Wind is the correct advent to this historic online game of process and subterfuge, protecting all facets of the 2 most typical kinds, American and chinese language, besides an summary of alternative worldwide methods.

The booklet starts off with the heritage and starting place and strikes directly to the principles of play and how one can win and keep away from crucial error in addition to the etiquette to stick to. With every little thing from transparent directions on dealing, construction, and allotting tiles to a glance on the heritage and way forward for the sport, this can be the fundamental e-book for somebody who desires to have fun–and win–while taking part in mah–jongg.

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Asdfghjkl asdfghjkl asdfghjkl asdfghjkl The suit of Dots (Circles) Above: the suit of Dots. Each tile depicts a number of circular designs, corresponding to the tile’s place within the suit. Some refer to this suit as Circles, Wheels, or Coins. The Chinese call this suit tung or sometimes bing. THE SET OF TILES zxcvbnm,. zxcvbnm,. zxcvbnm,. zxcvbnm,. ” The “one bam” tile usually depicts a bird: sometimes a peacock, sometimes a sparrow or crane. Each other tile in the suit depicts a number of bamboo sticks, corresponding to the tile’s place within the suit.

Then the players throw in all their tiles, which are then shuffled and built into a new wall for another game. That’s a brief overview of the universal principles of the game. The following chapters provide specific details and strategies for both the American game and the Chinese Official game. 73 3 AMERICAN MAH- JONGG 3 The American rules were first codified in 1937, in order to create a unified set of rules for American players. Although I call these rules the “American rules,” this is only to differentiate this style of playing from the other styles.

Novice players, faced with an unfamiliar set of tiles, often find themselves confused as to whether or not a particular tile is a flower or not. As a general rule of thumb, if a tile isn’t a wind, isn’t a dragon, isn’t a suit tile, and isn’t a joker, then, everything having been eliminated, it must be a flower. It’s common to mistake a one bam tile for a flower. As a general rule of thumb, if it doesn’t have a beak or wings, then it’s a flower. There are sometimes exceptions, since each set is different.

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