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By Rolf Slotboom

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Rolf Slotboom and Rob Hollink sign up for forces to provide THE definitive consultant, short-handed Pot-Limit Omaha (tables with six or fewer players).

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The thing that you should never do with a 40BB stack is (open) raise pot when you have A-A-x-x, yet make smaller raises with other types of holdings — this is a cardinal sin in PLO if you are in a non-committed situation. So, using this approach a case can be made for both options. Limping behind may be viewed as weak, and could induce the blinds to represent more strength than they actually have, or misinterpret the value of a K-K-x-x/Q-Q-x-x holding. But as I would minraise with a wide range of holdings in this spot, I would almost certainly do this here too, now that I have A-A-x-x.

Recently, some sites have started listening to the requests of especially the good LAPs to raise the minimum buy-ins. And indeed, these games tend to favor the good players and offer the weak players less chance for even an occasional big score. ) But the third change was the most important. The good LAPs and also the maniacs slowly but surely started shifting to 6-max games, knowing that their overaggression (which was sometimes a burden in full-ring games) would be much better suited for tables that had fewer players.

My game had improved to such a degree that I had gotten enough confidence in my abilities to start up tables, rather than just jump into a game only as the fourth or fifth player (which had always been my practice). Step 5: Playing the big stack at any table, and for any stakes The final step was then of course to start playing the big stack at any PLO game that the site had to offer and for any stakes that my opponents were willing to play. This is, of course, the goal for any professional player — yet obviously a stage that one can never truly reach.

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