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By David Carrasco, Scott Sessions

ISBN-10: 0872209334

ISBN-13: 9780872209336

According to the newest archaeological discoveries, this quantity bargains a balanced interpretation of the advanced relationships among Aztec cultural practices, social order, and non secular myths and emblems. as well as interpreting such themes because the old Aztec calendar, trade, paintings, and human sacrifice, Carrasco considers the influence and effect Aztec tradition keeps to have on glossy Mexican society. seriously illustrated, this ebook additionally features a chronology of crucial Mexico, a thesaurus, and a particular bibliography.

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The Maya achieved real advances in their mathematically ingenious calendar, lavishly decorated ceremonial centers, and cult of rulers, and especially in their writing system, which told of their complex mythology, the underworld, and cosmic rebirth. Called the "Mysterious Maya" for generations, they were once believed to have been a peace-loving civilization of stargazing rulers and priests whose balanced life style should be emulated by people today. Recent studies in the ceremonial centers of Tikal, Palenque, Copan, and Kaminaljuyu show that the Maya were a rather typical civilization, motivated by warfare, the desire to control riches, royal family quarrels, elite devotions to the gods, and cults of blood sacrifice.

There were a number of competing ethnic groups, including the Acolhuas, who occupied the eastern region of the Basin; the Tepanecs, who controlled the western region; the Culhuas, who resided in the Itztapalapa peninsula; the Xochimilcas and Chalcas, who controlled the extreme southern area; and the Otomies, who lived in the northern sections. But the older tradition (ninth to eleventh centuries) from which all of these groups claimed descent and legitimacy was that of the Toltecs, who had been great artists and political leaders of the honored past and, according to legend (though not supported by the archaeological or historical record), the inventors of astronomy, the calendar, legal systems, featherwork, and all other important arts.

Lack of evidence occasionally leads to invention of evidence. The best Thor Heyerdahl and his crew attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a reed boat called the Ra. ) 24 Daily Life of the Aztecs example, and the one most fun to think about, is the idea found in Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods that the great pyramidal and other monumental structures in Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru were left on earth by ancient cosmonauts whose extraterrestrial visits stimulated the development of, if not actually populated, the American continents.

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