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By Helen F. Gaines

Gaines's Cryptanalysis (formerly released as Elementary Cryptanalysis) is a regular basic and intermediate textual content for folks heavily attracted to glossy technology equipment for enciphering and decoding cryptograms. It doesn't easily repeat older fabric, yet includes a lot approximately glossy cryptanalysis that's not in most cases recognized other than to specialists. it's in particular powerful in glossy different types of cipher solution.
This transparent and thorough textual content additionally presents the reader with 166 specimen codes to resolve. This version for the 1st time additionally comprises recommendations. a unique appendix comprises ultimate letters, series charts, digram, trigram tables, most typical phrases in English and frequencies in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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This development reached its peak in Schuchardt's consecutive Vienna Academy memoirs, Romanische Etymologien, of the years 1898-9. , 'finding', the fish), is rumoured to have temporarily transformed one of the rooms of his home into a small-scale museum of fishing gear. Two years later, he wrote a shorter piece on 'Sickle and Saw, Sickle and Dagger', whose slant is self-explanatory. Not surprisingly, when Schuchardt encountered Rudolf Meringer (seventeen years his junior), the two dissenters before long joined forces.

Similarly, the hydronym Bodensee 'Lac Leman' (situated at the Swiss-German-Austrian frontier) contains a Celtic unit gone astray and later embroidered upon in much the same way, through playful association with German Boden 'bottom'. 19 Etymology Had a more experienced and cautious Forstemann used for his purpose some such neutral words as, if I may repeat myself, 'transfer' or 'reinterpretation', or else 'adjustment', he would have wrought no harm. But his romantically inspired idea of picturing the entire speech community as a sort of collective brain performing analytical operations seems, in retrospect, severely misleading.

In addition, making its appearance as the opening piece in Vol. I of the trail-blazing Zeitschrift filr vergleichende Sprachforschung, it produced a real 'splash'. To put it briefly, the author proposed to reserve for cognitive or scientific inquiries into word origins the ponderous composite label gelehrte Etymologie, while applying the alternative tag Volksetymologie to, fundamentally, two unequal situations: (a) the transfer, within the bounds of a given language, of some isolated word, occasionally opaque, from its residual (moribund) lexical family to some other, more vigorously thriving family; and (b) the assignment of borrowed words or names (or else of bare fragments of such items) to appropriately similar native word families enjoying unimpaired health - at the cost, not infrequently, of some semantic stretching, or even of a comic effect, deliberate or unintentional.

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