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By Elizabeth Aughey

Organized via body-system, this hugely illustrated quantity covers the conventional histological visual appeal of tissues in quite a lot of animals, either household and unique species, with suitable medical correlates emphasizing the necessity to enjoy the conventional so as to realize the irregular. The breadth of coverage―farm animals, canine, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish―and the mixing of standard and irregular tissue supply a reference of lasting worth to veterinary scholars, veterinary practitioners, and pathologists.

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50 Epiphyseal plate (cat). (1) Epiphysis. (2) Spiculated bone. (3) Growth area of endochondral ossification. H & E. ×25. 51 Section of femur from a green iguana (Iguana iguana) with metabolic bone disease. Note the multinucleated osteoclasts (arrowed) that have been removing ossified tissue and fibrous connective tissue that has replaced the cancellous bone. H & E. ×250. 51 48 Connective Tissue Intramembranous ossification Small bones and flat bones develop directly from mesenchymal cells; these differentiate into osteoblasts.

1 Umbilical cord (foal). (1) Nucleus of the stellate mesenchymal cell. (2) Long cell processes. (3) Extracellular matrix. (4) Blood vessels. H & E. ×125. 2 Mucoid connective tissue. Comb (chicken). (1) Stratified squamous epithelium. (2) Lamina propria. (3) Mucoid connective tissue. H & E. ×50. 31 Comparative Veterinary Histology with Clinical Correlates Connective tissue proper Connective tissue proper fills the interstices of tissues and organs, and forms a continuous structure that carries blood vessels and nerves throughout the body.

H & E. ×50. 20 The hepatic parenchyma of many amphibians and reptiles is characterized by abundant aggregates of melanin pigment contained in melanophages (arrowed). Illustrated is a section of liver from an African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis). The hepatocytes are arranged in ray-like cords extending outward from a thin-walled central vein, next to which are small tributaries of the hepatic artery and bile duct. H & E. ×100. 23). Endothelial cells and pericytes form a special cell population in connective tissue, retaining the capacity to divide and to synthesize collagen and the extracellular ground substance.

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