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The use of catalytic converters for the purification of car exhaust gases is a comparatively new expertise which was once introduced into lifestyles through social pressures for the protection of applicable environmental stipulations. nearly all of catalytic practitioners were capable of watch the expansion of this know-how from its inception to its present country of class. automobile catalytic converter know-how is now in a mature nation, and this bankruptcy from Vol. five Catalysis: technological know-how and expertise through Dr. ok. C. Taylor offers a overview which covers either the method chemistry and crucial converter layout elements. Contents 1. advent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2. Emission rules within the usa. three. Exhaust Emission features. . three four. 1981 Emission keep an eye on know-how. five A. Converters. . . five B. keep an eye on procedure. 7 eight ~. Catalyst Screening . 6. Laboratory trying out. .10 7. The Chemical Reactions thirteen eight. Composition of Three-Way Catalysts. sixteen A. Rhodium 17 21 B. Platinum. C. Palladium 22 D. Iridium . 22 23 E. Ruthenium and Nickel. F. Cerium Oxide ..... 23 G. look for choices to Nohle Metals 24 nine. Catalyst helps . 25 A. Pellets .... 26 B. Monoliths . . 26 10. The brief habit of Three-Way Catalysts 27 II. Deterioration of Three-Way Catalysts. 35 A. Thermal results. . . . 35 B. Phosphorus Poisoning. . . 37 C. Lead Poisoning. . . . . . · 38 D. Catalyst Poisoning through Sulfur · forty 12. The 0.4 NO,; study target. · forty-one thirteen. keep watch over of Diesel Particulate Emissions.

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Improved selectivity for the reduction of NO to N2 and decreased CO poisoning was demonstrated relative to pure Pt/AI20 3 catalysts in laboratory experiments. Further research is needed to identify other noble metal-base metal combinations for the goal of lowering noble metal usage in three-way catalysts. 9. Catalyst Supports Supports for automobile exhaust catalysts are of two general types: alumina pellets (spheres and extrudates) and ceramic monoliths coated with a thin alumina washcoat (Figure 14).

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