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Sired, we should take in account the time required for the sound (Key, p. 34, Prob. ) this The following method may be employed = No. sec. for stone to fall. " sound to reach the ear. " 4 a= 16x 2 = (4 a:)1090. 1090a;. 16a; a = 4360 to reach the ear. 7892+ seconds. 7892 +) 2 i6/2 gives the depth. = 229 ft. , the answer exact within a small fraction. A second method (more exact) d 4 = depth of the well = 16ia i y/d = No. (4 . of sec. for sound to reach the -i v/d)l090 =4360 - _ __ 190Q8SOC. eftZ.

HO * In this, as in the other problems, the contained in the acid and In the salt is neglected, since it is a variable quantity, and the examples are merely for practice. ANSWERS TO PRACTICAL QUESTIONS 60 How much CO 30. of is 9 formed in the combustion of ton I C? C C0 3 : C 2S What weight 2000 Ibs. : 2000 Ibs. : is 60 : : : x. x. (CO a ). there in a ton of iron pyrites f FeS3 : 32 32. : = 7333 Vs Ibs. x What weight of S 31. : 22 : : : x : x : 2000 Iba. : 2000 Ibs. : of copperas could be made from 500 Ibs.

The mangled remains of three guides were de Boissons, in Switzerland. had been lost in an avalanche on the grand plateau of In 1861 at the foot of the Glacier Blanc, forty-one years before. Give an illustration of the effect of food on the disposi- tion of animals. Bears which feed on acorns are mild and tractable, while those of the polar regions, which live on flesh alone, are fierce and ungovernable. 19. Compare the chemical action of the animal with that of the plant. on organized materials, taking up O and and other oxydized products.

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