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The researcher says the dealer has also agreed to let you go along with him to a local pub and, using a hidden microphone, record him doing a deal. Are you up for it? The dealer is asking for a fee for his help and obviously doesn’t want his real name used in the introduction to the interview. Is this all OK? Scenario 3 During the course of recording an interview with a local businessman, he tells you something that he says is off the record. Will you edit it out of the interview before it is broadcast?

If the officer had refused my request out of hand and taken it upon himself not to ask the woman in order to protect her from further upset, I think, as a relatively inexperienced journalist, I would have backed down. Nowadays I would try to persuade him that it was her decision to make, not his. The woman agreed to be interviewed and I recorded three minutes’ worth of material. I was right in my assumption that she had been overwhelmed by the occasion and now agreed to be interviewed because she felt she had let everyone down by her performance at the press call.

The host, chairman or interviewer must give where appropriate as fair and objective an account as possible of the known opinions of the missing participants on the subject under discussion (NB there are particular Guidelines 23 requirements under the Representation of the People Act at times of elections). A phone-in host or chairman may assume the position of devil’s advocate to encourage discussion and represent alternative views to those being expressed by his guests (if any) and/or callers.

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AN 08-10-112 BC-348-J,N,Q Radio Receiver (maintenance)

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