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By Martin Erickson

ISBN-10: 0883858290

ISBN-13: 9780883858295

Every mathematician (beginner, beginner, alike) thrills to discover uncomplicated, dependent ideas to possible tricky difficulties. Such satisfied resolutions are referred to as ``aha! solutions,'' a word popularized by means of arithmetic and technological know-how author Martin Gardner. Aha! strategies are wonderful, beautiful, and scintillating: they exhibit the wonderful thing about mathematics.

This booklet is a suite of issues of aha! strategies. the issues are on the point of the school arithmetic pupil, yet there might be anything of curiosity for the highschool scholar, the instructor of arithmetic, the ``math fan,'' and somebody else who loves mathematical challenges.

This assortment contains 100 difficulties within the components of mathematics, geometry, algebra, calculus, likelihood, quantity idea, and combinatorics. the issues start effortless and customarily get tougher as you move throughout the booklet. a couple of suggestions require using a working laptop or computer. a huge function of the booklet is the bonus dialogue of comparable arithmetic that follows the answer of every challenge. This fabric is there to entertain and let you know or element you to new questions. in the event you do not take into accout a mathematical definition or inspiration, there's a Toolkit at the back of the publication that may help.

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Bonus: Tiling With Triangles Which Euclidean triangles have the property that reflections in their sides produce tilings of the Euclidean plane? ) We will show that there are exactly four such triangles: a 30ı –30ı–120ı triangle, a 30ı –60ı–90ı triangle, a 45ı –45ı–90ı triangle, and a 60ı –60ı–60ı triangle. 2 Geometry 59 Since in the tiling the triangle is rotated around each vertex, the angles of the triangle are 2 =a, 2 =b, 2 =c, where a, b, c are integers greater than 2, and 2 =aC2 =bC2 =c D .

The general statement of Jensen’s inequality can be proved similarly or by induction on n. ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “main” — 2008/10/2 — 18:29 — page 40 — #52 ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “main” — 2008/10/2 — 18:29 — page 41 — #53 ✐ ✐ 2 Intermediate Problems I hope that you enjoyed the elementary problems. Now let’s try a selection of somewhat more difficult problems. In this chapter, we can expect to use familiar techniques from calculus and other branches of mathematics. As usual, we are looking for illuminating proofs.

Bonus: An Algebraic Proof Suppose that A, B, C (given, without loss of generality, in counter-clockwise order) are represented by vectors a, b, c, respectively. c a0 / D b a0 ; and M is a rotation matrix around the origin of angle =3. b 00 a00 / D c 00 a00 . a C b C c 0 a0 b c/ 3 a00 / D D c 00 a00 : By the way, the result in Napoleon’s theorem also holds if the equilateral triangles are constructed inwardly rather than outwardly. a C b 2 C c 2 / 1 A; 24 2 where A is the area of the given triangle.

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