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By Martin Gardner

ISBN-10: 0716714140

ISBN-13: 9780716714149

A notebook of riddles, filled with enjoyable and illustrations.

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DETHY’S DEATHTRAP Louis Dethy was a 79-year-old retired man living in Charlerois, Belgium, in 2002. He lived alone, having alienated his large family—his wife and 14 children—through infidelity and refusing to forgive them for not forgiving him. In 1998 he lost a legal battle over his mother’s will, which left Dethy’s house (which she had owned) to one of his daughters. Essentially facing eviction from a family he had come to see as the enemy, Dethy decided to booby-trap his house—if he couldn’t keep it, he’d kill them all before he let them have it.

Tommaso Coletti was president of Chieti, a province in southern Italy.

S. Lines’ fleet of cargo ships, which included some of the largest ships on earth. S. Lines went bankrupt that anyone noticed a problem with the paperwork. The loan should have been $92,885,000, but someone had written it as only $92,885. S. Lines after selling off five of the cargo ships. • In 2010 JP Morgan Chase offered currency trader Kai Herbert a job in South Africa. 4 million rand (about $320,000) per year, but things got even better for Herbert when someone flubbed his contract and wrote his salary as 24 million rand.

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