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King Bele of Sogn had sons, Helgi and Halfdan, and a daughter named Ingeborg. around the fjord, lived the king's good friend Thorstein V? ­kingsson whose son Fridthjof (Fri? °? ?j? ?fr), known as "the bold", was once the bravest between males. Fridthjof were raised with Ingeborg by way of their foster-father Hilding.

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Initially the German attack gun used to be designed as an infantry aid weapon, however the altering stipulations of the battlefields of the second one global struggle pressured it to evolve to accomplish a couple of diverse roles, most significantly as a tank destroyer, even if the infantry help position used to be by no means completely discarded.

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Their brows with sweat were beaded, Their breasts heaved with a sound, The brush and stones unheeded, They scattered all around. The twelve in expectation Stood quaking on the sand; Renowned through every nation That struggle on the strand. XI. FRIDTHJOF WITH ANGANTYR. " "Go bring it! " Is generous Atle's cry, "And if it will content thee, As now I'll quiet lie. Why should it make me sorrow? " Then Fridthjof quick returning, Desired to end the fray; Raised Angervadil burning, But Atle quiet lay.

Solund island fair Above the waves so white! Stiller seas are there, Harbors safe invite. But the bold sea−rover feareth Less upon the trusted oak, Mans the helm himself and jeereth At the wild wind's sportive stroke. Tighter now the sail he fastens, Fleeter o'er the water skims, Straight to westward fearless hastens, Goes where'er the billow swims. "Fighting for a moment With the storm delighteth: Storm and Northman prosper Well upon the wave. " − Higher rise the waves, Deeper furrows plow, Cordage madly raves, Creak both keel and prow.

The place was rightly chosen, His daughter's fate should be determined there. How many supplications hath it cost me, How many tears by Freyja counted o'er, To melt the ice of hate around Fridthjof's heart. And gain a promise from his haughty lips To give his hand in reconciliation. Alas! how hard is man! And for his honor, So calleth he his pride, he counts it not, Or lightly counts it, if he rudely break, Of true and faithful hearts one more or less. But wretched woman, leaning on his breast, Is like the moss−growth blooming on the cliff, With faded tints, it difficultly holds Itself unnoticed fast unto the rock, Is only nourished by the dews of night.

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