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By Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

ISBN-10: 0194313433

ISBN-13: 9780194313438

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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6 We (know) tonight. 7 You pay and I (owe) you the money. 8 I (believe) it when I see it. 9 I (have) my car repainted next week. 10 I hope that you (have) a good time tomorrow. 11 His speech (be) broadcast tonight. 12 The window-cleaner (come) at eight tomorrow. 40 train. ~ I (meet) them at midnight in the middle of the wood. 15 What horse you (ride) tomorrow? 16 Look! I've broken the teapot. What Mrs Pitt (say)?

29 Tom looks very well. 30 They sell fresh grape juice here. 31 He charges more than other photographers. 32 She cuts her husband's hair. 33 They pick the apples in October. 34 The last train leaves at midnight. 35 He relaxes at weekends. 36 She refuses to discuss it. The present continuous tense PEG 164-7 Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous tense. In No. 25, have is used as an ordinary verb and can therefore be used in the continuous tense. 1 She (not work), she (swim) in the river.

You (not see) the notice? ~ I (see) it but I can't read it because I (not wear) my glasses. What it (say)? ~ It (say) 'These premises are patrolled by guard dogs'. 16 She always (borrow) from me and she never (remember) to pay me back. 17 You (need) another blanket or you (feel) warm enough? 18 It (save) time if you (take) the path through the wood? ~ No, it (not matter) which path you take. 19 I (save) up because I (go) abroad in July. 20 I (think) it is a pity you don't take more exercise. You (get) fat.

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