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The polarity of the pulse which corresponds to the fixed face is the opposite of that of the pulse which is produced by the variable falling edge, and can thus be easily eliminated. 4. Detection of the Modulated Pulses In the discussion of spectra it was seen that there is always a component corresponding to modulating frequency. Accordingly a low-pass filter can be placed at the output of the detector, arranged to reject the repetition frequency of the pulses and its harmonics, but to accept the maximum mod­ ulating frequency without distortion.

In this book, we shall only be concerned with the electromagnetic wave case. The essential aim of the calculations in dealing with a multiplex link is to balance the different channels in such a way as to obtain a uniform informa­ tion rate; this is termed matched coding. The basic symbols are then equally probable and the capacity of the HF transmission channel is C = ^HFlog2(l + — 54 RADIO REMOTE-CONTROL AND TELEMETRY The efficiency of the multiplex system is defined by the ratio of the in­ formation rate which can be used in the p channels to the capacity of the transmission channel C, or PR " ' — "H^Í ^log + [' m We assume that the frequency band necessary for each channel is constant and equal t o ^ , and that the ratios which arefixedby the initial conditions in each channel are identical.

It should also be noted that when a pulse passes suddenly through a filter, a phase change which may be equal to π/2 may occur. It is thus necessary to watch out for these phenomena - at the receiver in particulary in order to be able to make any necessary correction for this phase change. Above all, it is important to ensure that the synchronization pulse itself also undergoes this same phase change, as otherwise there is a risk of errors occurring at the decoding stage. 4. The Receiver The receiver system contains first of all an ordinary RF receiver unit, with its local oscillator, its mixer, and its intermediate frequency.

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